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The struggle of the Himalayan honey hunter

It took great courage to get through the honeycomb.Not only that, another challenge is no less thrilling is the location of the beehive that is on top of the cliff.

Compiled from the pages, traditional ways of honey hunters in Nepal is risking their lives.

The reason, they hang in riparian with a handmade bamboo ladder.

The honey hunters of the tribe Gurung, Central Kaski, Nepal, India, have risked life at the foot of Mount Everest to collect honey from a hive of bees.

They covered the danger by swinging between the cliffs and ravines with millions of bees that gathered at the site.

Doing this job is not easy.

Honey here not only has a more delicious flavor compared to another but also has many benefits, especially for medical treatment.

That said,  Himalaya Gurung's nectar honey also hallucinogenic and intoxicating.

Unfortunately, these honey ecosystems ranging endangered because the local government to make a honey hunting as a tourist.

The hunt sold as an exotic spectacle for the tourists with the price of one thousand dollars, or approximately USD 10 million.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Do you have any Indonesia travel advice?

Traveling in Indonesia a bit of a challenge. For a start, dealing with an entirely new language; traveling huge distances by often dubious public transportation, coping with strange new foods and an unfamiliar currency – that’s all part of the fun when it comes to travel, right? When you are heading to a new country though it's nice to have some insider tips; if you’re planning to go Indonesia, Here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip before decided to visit in Indonesia:

Our Top Indonesia Travel Tips

  • Ideally, don’t start your trip in Jakarta unless you’re prepared for what awaits you. As you can see from our nightmare stay in this sprawling city, we had a tough time. For an easier start, look into arriving in Bali.

  • Always use metered BlueBird, Xpress or Gamya taxis to avoid being ripped off. When arrived at airports often travelers tackled by aggressive local drivers who wanted to charge high fixed prices and would insist that BlueBird taxis don’t operate from the airport, that’s a lie – in fact, the local drivers intimidate the metered taxi drivers away to force travelers into paying unfair prices.  Whenever this happened, just take a walk ten or fifteen minutes away from the area and find a BlueBird to hail down on the street or just call its customer taxi services.

  • To avoid taking taxis to or from the airport entirely, get the Damri. These local buses are incredibly cheap and cost less than a couple of pounds for journeys as long as two hours. Look out for the Damri bus stop at the airport, which usually located near the taxi rank. Once again, local drivers won’t want you to use the Damri; They will tell you a few times that you’d missed the last Damri when you knew full well there was one due to arrive soon.

  • It’s often cheaper to fly than catch boats in Indonesia.  You will found it much cheaper and faster to fly from Java to Bali and from Bali to Lombok then it would have been to get the boat. For instance, travelers quoted $45 per person for a return ticket on the fast boat from Bali to Lombok, but if you manage to fly return for only $30 per person. The cheapest domestic airline we found was Citilink.

  • Book in advance to visit Komodo Island, domestic flights in Indonesia can be booked online. If you keen to visit Komodo Island don't take it too long to book flights within a couple of weeks, they might be quadrupled in price and might be the trip became unaffordable because boat trips were pretty expensive and how dangerous they can be. Cheap domestic flights online to Labuan Bajo – the jumping off point to Komodo – for only $75 return per person.

  • Don’t buy combined bus and boat tickets in Lombok. It’s a much better idea to get a metered taxi to the harbor and buy your boat ticket from the office there; it’s cheaper and less hassle than dealing with sheisty drivers.

  • Don’t buy malaria pills in Indonesia. As a side-note, you don’t need anti-malarial pills for visiting Bali or Java, but many doctors recommend them for Lombok, Flores and the Gili Islands.

  • Be prepared for airport taxes – these range from $2 to $12 per person and cannot be avoided.

  • Look for accommodation on arrival to save money. If you can handle trudging around with your backpack searching for rooms, then this is the best way to find somewhere nice in your price range. Many guesthouses, hostels, and hotels in Indonesia don’t advertise online or have a website anyway, so it’s best to search in person – this allows you to haggle over the price of the room too, you will get some good discounts by doing this. If you plan on staying somewhere for more than a couple of nights you’re also likely to get a bit of a discount.

  • Catch a shuttle bus between Kuta and Ubud. It's a way cheaper than a taxi and should only cost IDR50,000 ($4.33) – buses can be arranged from your hotel quickly.

  • Be aware of rabies. The disease is prevalent in Bali so be careful (especially if you visit the Monkey Forest). 

Visit Dieng The Largest Plateau In The World After Nepal

Dieng Plateau is one that has interesting places in Central Java. Located in the district of Banjarnegara and Wonosobo district, approximately 30 km from the town of Wonosobo. Dieng Plateau located in the west of the mountain Sindoro and Sumbing.

photo by farisa putri

Wonosobo Dieng plateau located at an altitude of 2093 meters above sea level, has a cold air complete with fog as the sun does not appear in the sky. With a temperature range of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, Wonosobo Dieng has several tourist attractions that you must not miss.

1. Telaga Warna

Telaga color is one of the landmarks of Dieng Wonosobo. Name Telaga Warna taken because this lake has a different color. Telaga Warna has its legend.

the different colors of the lake because of the refraction of light in sulfur deposits in the bottom of the lake.

The dominant color of this lake is green, navy blue and yellowish white. If you want to see the beauty of the color of the lake, you can climb to the top of the hills that surround the lake. In the area of the edges of the lake, there is a balcony that can be used to sit back and relax to enjoy the beauty of this lake.

2. Mount Sikunir

photo by +Pradipta Pamungkas 

Want to see the sunrise? You can come to Mount Sikunir. This hill is a hill known among tourists as a place to hunt it. Sikunir hill located in the village Sembungan which is the highest village in Central Java.

Sikunir hill at an altitude of 2,200 meters above sea level. Named Sikunir hill because the hill is a lot to make tourists hooked hunting sunrise. Sunlight yellow color like turmeric makes local people called it Sikunir. Sikunir is a Java language of turmeric.

3.  Jalatunda Wells

Jalatunda wells located in the Pekasiran village, Bantur District, Banjarnegara, approximately 12 km west of the prime locations Dieng.

Jalatunda Wells was once a niche fracture crater which later flooded by the water with a diameter of 90 meters and a depth of over 200 meters. Because stagnant water is a niche that looks like a well.

To reach Jalatunda wells, you need to prepare physically to climb 257 stairs.

4. The Dieng craters

Wonosobo Dieng plateau has some beautiful active crater,  Sikidang, Candradimuka, and Sileri.

Sikidang Crater is one of the craters which relied upon tourist attractions in Dieng, located in the eastern region. The scenery around is breathtaking, blend expanse of green hills and limestone in the soil around it.

Given the name Sikidang because magma pool in the crater is moved around like deer (Javanese for Sikidang). The turmoil magma in the crater is also quite high, between half to one meter.

Sileri Crater is one of the largest craters in the Dieng plateau with an area of approximately 4 hectares. You can reach it by travel as far as 7 km from the main tourist area of Dieng.

Sileri crater was still steaming. Given the name because of the water color of  Sileri crater is white and smells like water used to wash the rice (in the Java language called leri).

While Candradimuka crater located approximately 6 km from the  Dieng tourist center is a crater that is famous in Javanese puppetry legend.

The Great Wall of China: Interesting Facts

The Great Wall of China become constructed around 2250 years ago to protect the citizens of the empire from capacity assaults of different armies. As early because the Spring and Autumn Period, the kingdom of Chu (Eleventh Century BC-223BC) started out to build the first wall. The Qi, Yan, Wei, Zhao and Qin states later joined the attempt. After Emperor Qin Shihuang had unified the six states, he ordered General Meng Tian to attach the existing walls and to extend them similarly as the front line protection against viable invasion. Thus the Great Wall turned into shaped. It extended from Lintao (presently Lintao County in Dingxi City of Gansu Province) within the west and ended at Liaodong (currently the eastern and southern elements of Liaoning Province) inside the east. It referred to as "Wan Li Chang Cheng" (The Long Wall of 10,000 Li).Here are a few facts approximately the Great Wall of China which you probably didn’t realize;

  1. Around 1,000,000 humans died for the duration of the constructing and production of the Wall, which has made the wall earn the identity of the Longest Cemetery on Earth. Archaeologists have confirmed this using excavating human stays from below the wall.
  2. Even though the correct length of the incredible wall is 8851.8 kilometers or 5500 miles, the length of the whole Great Wall which constructed over hundreds of years is anticipated to be around 21,186 kilometers, even as the circumference of the earth is 40, 075 kilometers.
  3. Contrary to the famous notion, the Great Wall of China can not be viewed from an area with the naked eye. However, with the useful resource of a scope, it could be visible.
  4. Glutinous flour product of rice was used to make the binding agent for the bricks, as early as the Qin Dynasty, while the super wall turned into being built. (221-207 BC)
  5. The section of the Great Wall of China which has ended up the poster image related with the aid of absolutely everyone because the Great Wall of China changed into constructed inside the Ming Dynasty. This a part of the wall turned into the built final, and bricks had been used to make tall towers.
  6. The Great Wall of China faces a great chance from erosion. The section within the Northwest, i.e., The Ningxia provinces or Gansu are unexpectedly deteriorating, which has led many to consider that this entire article may disappear in approximately 20 years. This has been reasons in part by using nature and partly via human beings.
  7. The Great Wall of China is host to over 10 million individuals who pay homage to the first-rate marvel of the arena each yr. The great and most famous phase of the Great Wall, that's Badaling, has been visited with the aid of round 300 presidents, prime ministers and other VIPs from all over the world. The first of whom were the Soviets. However, it's also the busiest segment of the wall which garners the most vacationer attraction. If you're an explorer and not a traveler, it's far strongly endorsed you do no longer visit this section.
  8. During the time of the Cultural Revolution in 1966 to 1976, many bricks have been taken from the first-rate wall to build homes, reservoirs or farms. If this had now not occurred then the wall could be in a whole lot better shape today.
  9. In some locations, the Great Wall is so vast, that you can drive a car over it, without disturbing about getting caught.
  10. The last factor may as well be the great recognized legend about the wall. It is thought that one of the guys who become constructing the wall had died in it, and the wife of the man wept so toughly that the entire area collapsed, revealing her husband’s bones, which she then took and buried. This tale has come to be famous because of the story of “Men Jiangnu’s Bitter Weeping.”

Unique and Rare's shrimp Equals to a Car price

A breeder shrimp from Thailand, Kanokphum Siriwat (28) as if suddenly gets money for his shrimp sold 1 Million Baht or around USD 35,000. How come? Launched by siakapkeli, shrimp named Chao Khun Chang and six months old sold to an owner of a seafood restaurant, Prathan Lianpanich on Monday.

Prathan wants to buy shrimp at high prices because its pattern is unique and rare. There have been many offers that were rejected by Kanokphum. The reason, they bidding such a few money. Approximately 500,000 baht. Well, on Monday, the shrimp was bought by double price. Kanokphum could not refuse the request. Just for illustration, the krai shrimp  in Thailand usually sold at the cost of 200,000 baht. Still, according to the site, krai shrimp like Chao Khun Chang was very rare. No wonder the price is high.

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Attractive Places in Singapore

Singapore Although the size of the country is small has quite a lot of interesting sights. What are the most interesting sights there?

Universal Studios

One of the tourist attractions in Singapore's most famous. Prices for Universal Studios at the weekend and the holiday season is quite expensive, can be up to about USD 100 for adults. If you want to go in and play at Universal Studios, come in the morning because the queues here can be very long, unless you have priority tickets so that you do not need to queue long, but of course the ticket price is higher than regular cards.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road was the name of a street in Singapore which is very familiar with the shopping arcade. In addition to the shopping center, Orchard Road also crowded by restaurants, spas, and others. Of course, it's free for a visit here. Try to stay in a hotel near Orchard Road so no need carrying a bulk groceries using public transport if your hotel is a little bit far away. Orchard Road is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore is a must-see.

Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a complete tourist spot in Singapore but not integrated to the main island of Singapore. Many ways to reach Sentosa Island, the most interesting is by using a cable car because you can enjoy the view of the Singapore city from the heights. Price boarded the cable car around USD 30 may provide an exciting experience for you. If you want to save money, there are other ways to reach Sentosa Island is by foot, up the Sentosa Express monorail, and use the bus. Which could be found on Sentosa Island is the beach, hotel, spa, restaurants, shopping, golf courses, a wide variety of entertainment attractions.

Bugis Street

Bugis Street is a famous street in Singapore for the shopping tour. In contrast to Orchard Road which offers luxury shopping experience, Bugis Street offers cheap street shopping style experience. As a tourist spot's hunt for cheap souvenirs in Singapore, it's very easy to reach Bugis Street; you just need to ride the MRT and alight at Bugis Station. The location is only about 50 meters from Bugis station. Bugis Street is the biggest shopping street in Singapore.


As the name implies, Chinatown is a neighborhood with an atmosphere like in China. The majority of people in the Chinatown is Chinese descent, so it feels the strong culture of China in this area, for example in the form of buildings, decoration, merchandise, and others. Chinatown has become one of the tourist attractions in Singapore of the most preferred tourist because it is an exciting blend of culinary tourism, shopping, culture, and history. If you want to shop here, do not forget to bargain the price first. If you want a culinary tour of Chinatown, keep in mind that the majority of food and beverage vendors in Chinatown is open from noon to midnight. It's easy to reach Chinatown, you simply use the MRT and get off at Chinatown station.

Little India

Little India is the center of the Indian community in Singapore. With the typical atmosphere of India and met the people of India, Little India will make you feel like in India. Located across from Chinatown, Little India is a place that sells various types of handicrafts, Indian food, gold, incense, massage oils, perfumes, fabric. In a suitable place to hunt for India souvenirs, there are the typical smells there, and usually is the smell of spices. Little India is one of the tourist attractions in Singapore is kind of interesting to visit.

Arab Street

Arab Street is a place steeped in middle east culture. It is the center of Muslims in Singapore so that you can find lots of shops smelled of Islam in this region, such as various types of Islamic dress and completeness of worship. Besides you can also find perfumes vendors, carpets, delicate and colorful fabrics, including a typical Indonesian batik. Traders of these items are usually very crowded during the day, at night many are dealers selling Arab food. Usually, tourists come to this location to look for the atmosphere, not to shop.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a unique park located around Marina Bay. Looking like a garden, Gardens by The Bay has lots of trees and greenery, which makes it unique is here you can find some giant artificial tree. These artificial trees are made of steel and serve to collect rain water and also accommodate solar energy. At night, the lights mounted on artificial trees as tall as the 16-story building, so it becomes stunning. To get around here were not charged, but if you want to go up and take a walk across the bridge that connects the artificial trees, you must buy a ticket for approximately USD 5. Moreover, in this area, there is also Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatory with a ticket price of about USD 35.

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Five Things You Should Do in Labuan Bajo

For most people may seldom be heard of the town of Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is a fishing village on the western tip of Flores in the Nusa Tenggara region of eastern Indonesia.

Aside from being a small fishing town, Labuan Bajo today has become one of the busiest tourist centers in Flores, Indonesia. This city is a stopover point for those who want to travel to the island of Komodo.

The increasing number of tourists visiting the island of Komodo make the manager set up many extra amenities such as the five-star hotel in Labuan Bajo as an effort to improve the convenience of tourists.

The fascinating one from Labuan Bajo was at sunset sky when it began to change the skies color to orange. Here you will be offered a fantastic view. The sun began to sink creates a dramatic silhouette of the small islands close to the port.

Besides enjoying the sunset was amazing. Below are five things, you must do when visiting Labuan Bajo.

1. Visiting Cunca Wulang waterfall

Cunca Wulang waterfall located about 300 meters to the east of the town of Labuan Bajo. There are three waterfalls in Cunca Wulang, but to achieve the beauty of the waterfall, you have to do trekking through the jungle for about 30 minutes. You do not need to worry because this is not a strenuous trekking activity.

After trekking for 30 minutes, you'll be treated to views of high cliffs that are similar to Green Canyon cliffs and the river water is clear blue. For a closer look at the beauty of the waterfall, you must first swim in this crystal clear river.

Are you the extreme adventurer? You can try to jump off the cliff with a height of 3 to 10 meters, such as in the Breaking Dawn movie. No need to be worried, because you will not feel sick at all even you will feel more fresh than usual.

Wulang Cunca waterfall is one of the tourist spots recognized worldwide. More foreign tourists who come here than local visitors.

2. Trekking in the National Park Loh Liang

If you want to enjoy the real habitat of unique Indonesia's animals, this is where the right location. Loh Liang National Park on the island of Rinca, West Manggarai, Labuan Bajo, Flores, you can see up close how the Komodo real life.

To reach the National Park Loh Liang, you will travel by boat for 3 to 4 hours. A long journey that will pay off when you arrive at the park. Loh Liang National Park offers a beautiful view of the savanna.

Here you will be guided by the ranger for trekking through the savanna to multiple locations to be visited by a lot of Komodo dragons. Here you can see the Komodo dragons at very close range, between 2 and 3 meters. This trip is quite tiring, so you have actually to prepare stamina.

3. Enjoy the sunset at Kalong Island

Visit this island; you will be treated to a super large bat populations. The best time to visit the island this time is when the sun begins to set. As you lay down on the boat, you can behold views of bats flying in the yellowish sky.

4. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, and a boat tour around the island

Been to Labuan Bajo don't miss the opportunity to scuba diving and snorkeling because here you will see the diversity of natural marine life.

Here you will be diving with two instructors in a group that you are enjoying the beauty of the underwater. Before beginning to dive, you will get a briefing in advance about the locations for diving, topography, and the dive plan.

During the dive, later on, you can find many exotic sea creatures. Starting from manta rays, sharks, tuna, groupers, Napoleon wrasse, blue spotted stingrays, eels, sea snakes, octopus, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, crabs orangutan, decorated crabs, and much more.

Some of the best diving training has certified internationally; there are Divine Diving, Diving Centre Flores, Komodo Dive Center, and Blue Marlin Komodo. If you want to dive in Labuan Bajo, do contact one of the training.

The diving training besides providing facilities for diving also offers a tour package by boat. This activity is worth your try, from a ship you can see the crystal clear sea water and coral reefs that grow in it with the naked eye.

5. Kanawa Island

Kawana Island located in Labuan Bajo. The island has sand as white as milk with a mix of sea water bright blue to turquoise gradation. For those of you who want to relax, can enjoy the beauty of the island while ordering food in a restaurant. You could also try hiking in the hills on the island. For those of you who do not wish to remain silent in the isle try to do snorkeling. Kanawa island is the habitat for coral reefs with a variety of colors and small fish that live in it.

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Indonesia Has The Widest Safari Parks in Southeast Asia

If you ever heard a safari park, a shadow comes pointing to one tourism objects. The Safari Park has become a fun place to interact directly with animals from different continents of the world. Here almost all kinds of animals give us the opportunity to be able to get a little thrill experience "around" the world in one complete package.
Indonesia has three safari parks located in different places, one of which located in Prigen, East Java, built at the foot of Mount Arjuna. The other located in Cisarua, Bogor, and Bali. However, the Prigen's Safari Park is the largest compared to another with an area of 350 hectares.  The Bogor's safari park built on a land area of 150 hectares and Bali's Safari Park is only 40 hectares. Moreover, The Prigen's Safari  Parks is the largest safari park in Southeast Asia.
Not only that, with that great broad, the Prigen's Safari Park has an extensive collection of animals with more than 3,000 animals from 200 species.
Not only offering tourism amusements but The Prigen's Safari Parks also a conservation and research institutions that have a variety of educational programs that have been working with universities in various countries. One result of research and experiments done by The Prigen's Safari Parks, marrying Bali's cattle and bull finally gave birth to namely Jalitheng. Besides that, The Prigen's Safari Parks also active in the protection of endangered species and help evacuate wildlife casualties.

Here, too, it was born of many animals, like an elephant named Rafflesia who was born in 2016. Even in the early 2017's, the exact date on January 2 Prigen Safari Park welcomed the birth of a new family member of a pair of hippos Morsey and Yoga. With the birth of this baby Hippo, the population of hippos in Taman Safari Prigen even now there are ten cows. And on January 24, baby Hippo finally has a name given by the Pasuruan's police chief named as Bhayangkara.

Safari Parks with advanced technology

That makes us tense when doing a safari around the area when the animal is about to enter the tigers and lions area. How come? We all know that the two animals are wild animals whose diet is meat. However, we need not worry because they already had sophisticated technology systems so that the tigers and lions area that we pass will not attack.
What is the technology about?
So, in each lion and tiger cages every wall and door supplemented by electric shock with voltage systems that are safe for animals so that when these wild animals stepped in close to another animal cages will automatically contact stun.  No worry about the animals was exposed to electric shocks because electricity installed will not hurt them.

The Prigen's safari parks recently evacuated Tigers in Aceh, which has attacked two victims. The tiger was later captured and secured here, to know the movements of the tiger, the experts at the Safari Park Prigen will install a microchip on the body to track the whereabouts of these tigers.
Wildlife safari would be the right choice for us to get a complete education about the animal world. Not only by seeing it from outside the cage, but we could also even see straight, interact and touch the animals at the safari park.

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Five Dangerous Cities For Single Traveller

For you the single traveler, some of the city's need to avoid. Because of its critical condition, such as high levels of criminality. Some cities are:

1.Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico is known for criminal activities such as kidnapping, robbery, and rape. Some tourists reported to have been victims of violence such as murder, kidnapping, and robbery is organized by criminal groups in various regions in Mexico.

2.Detroit, Michigan

Although the city has been trying to make improvements, crime still often encountered. Robbery, sexual assault, murder, and narcotics is becoming standard.

3.Lima, Peru

Not only tourists but local residents also warned of the crime in this city. Crime on the streets is very common, especially in areas of most visited by tourists. The most important thing to watch out for is theft and pickpocketing.

4.New Delhi, India

Not only dangerous, but the city of New Delhi is also famous as the dirtiest city in the world. The town is very spacious with a population of 12 million people. Crime becomes very prevalent in this city. Based on TripAdvisor, pickpocketing cases are very common, especially towards tourists in the bus and train stations.

5. Memphis, Tennessee

In 2015, the FBI put Memphis as the third most dangerous city in America. The crime triggered by the high level of poverty.

what is inside the Egyptian Pyramids?

The pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the world. The architectural design was excellent plus the long history of the ancient Egyptians utilized makes this one so unique building that so much coveted world travelers as a tourist destination.
The ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids of large rocks that supposedly blocks weighing many tons. They arrange them correctly to form beautiful formations which still stands today.
If you come to the area of ​​Giza, Egypt where the Pyramids are right now, you'll see three great addition to The Great Pyramid Sphinx. There's the largest pyramid called Khufu or also known as The Great Pyramid.

Then pyramid in the middle called Khafre. And the smallest called Pyramid Menkaure. Of the three Pyramids, only Khafre topped by limestone polished. And besides Pyramid of Khufu Pyramid, there are three other little.
Tourists who come to the area of ​​Giza will take pictures with a pyramid background. But not limited to that alone, it turns out visitors also allowed into one of the buildings whose age more than 4,500 this year.
Only by showing the ticket obtained when entering this tourist area, you can see the space inside the Pyramid. But usually, before entering the guards will ensure that small child, visitors who are overweight and those who suffer from respiratory diseases forbidden to enter.
So, what is inside the Pyramid? What does it contain? Curious? Just look at the following videos